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From Trash to Treasure – Unique Ideas for Thrift Store Home Decor

With some creative thinking and imagination, thrift store discards can become one-of-a-kind home decor pieces. From creating your own tufted headboard to upcycling storage solutions, these unique ideas will surely spark inspiration!

Search your home’s color scheme for frames that complement it, then use them to adorn open shelving. Also keep your eye out for old vases which could serve as flower vases or even candle holders!

1. Paint

Every influencer, tastemaker and trend spotter knows one thing for certain – thrift stores offer an abundance of unique decor pieces. Sometimes they require some TLC in order to fit with current styles, but with some creativity it’s easy to turn second-hand accessories into beautiful home accents that stand out.

Mirrors found at thrift stores can make stunning focal points on gallery walls or used as table displays with just a bit of paint and updating to your own personal taste. Vases also can easily be updated for open shelving display.

Repurposing furniture has become an increasingly popular pastime, and anyone can do it with enough patience, time, and tools. Check out these inspirational examples from Instructables members who transformed furniture that once belonged to someone else into gorgeous home decor pieces!

2. Fabric

Thrift stores are full of treasures for textile lovers – you never know what might turn up! In particular, textiles and fabrics such as wool blankets, linen napkins and tablecloths, silk flowers and curtains all add classic warmth and coziness.

Look in thrift store basket sections for beautiful woven baskets and decorative containers at significantly reduced costs compared to purchasing them brand new. Thrift store baskets make great storage solutions for throw pillows, books and more; or consider taking off their covers and wrapping them with twine for an eye-catching rustic-style display!

Check the ceramic decor accents section for decorative eggs and small statues that add an eye-catching pop of color while saving money in the process, says Swift Fit. Furthermore, doing this keeps those items out of landfills where they could cause ecological harm.

3. Styling

As Sesame Street’s popular song goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Sometimes thrift store finds need a little tweaking before they fit seamlessly into your home; cleaning, painting or simply styling may help them feel like part of it!

Home decor enthusiasts often look to baskets when searching thrifted home decor stores, as they provide ample storage solutions and an elegant way to add color and texture. Keep an eye out for antique, unique ones with decorative spines which could also serve as wall art.

An essential aspect of successful thrifting lies in knowing exactly what you’re searching for in advance, to avoid time wasted opening drawers in furniture pieces or searching through picture frames and un-stacking plates to find what you need at the back. Knowing your goal also helps determine whether something should be purchased over being left behind.

4. Decor

Finding home decor at thrift stores is made easy if you shop often with an idea in mind of what you need and search frequently. Additionally, during “spring cleaning,” when people are clearing out closets and shelves are being cleared out from stored items that have lingered too long in storage units, many thrift stores host special sales days to move out older products that have been collecting dust for too long.

Example of Secondhand Shopping Decor by Leigh Lever Embracing the Wabi-Sabi Philosophy You can transform almost any item you purchase second-hand into stylish home decor by following this philosophy of second hand shopping – such as a woven or wicker tray used to serve food into an adorable coffee table centerpiece, an old picture frame can become the focal point of a gallery wall when painted a vibrant color or layered with multiple frames of various sizes, while wooden accordion peg racks formerly used to hang clothing can make unique shelves decorated for your space – simply by adopting this philosophy you can transform almost any item into stylish decor for your space.

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