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Home Decor and Design Inspired by Nature Or the Outdoors

Home decor and design inspired by nature or the outdoors can include anything from a weathered wooden dresser or one single plant to something as complex as an intricate geometric pastel wall that blends beautifully with other themes like warm industrial.

Nature-inspired rooms often include vibrant hues like green, brown and tan that stand out against crisp white walls. Other hues found within nature such as sandy beige, soothing blue and cloudy grey also create an appealing ambiance.

Raw Materials

Raw materials are the pieces that companies utilise in the creation of finished products, including both direct and indirect raw materials. Direct raw materials can be traced directly back to finished products like furniture or clothing. Conversely, indirect raw materials must be taken into account through manufacturing overhead costs when accounting for indirect raw materials – this includes glue, nails, worker equipment and leather used to craft purses and shoes as examples of indirect raw materials.

When purchasing raw materials, focus on products with high levels of sustainability and are environmentally-friendly. Consider organic cotton and linen fabrics grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers as an example. Also look for handmade options whenever possible in order to reduce carbon emissions from transportation while simultaneously supporting local economies.


Plants are an easy and stylish way to add natural home decor elements, freshening rooms and offering fresh air. Also bringing nature indoors is adding natural textures and materials – including textures from nature itself!

Wood accents add authentic beauty and warmth to a room, providing both traditional and modern charm. Use rustic tables or reclaimed timber cabinetry for an earthy finish.

Add natural textures to any room by including woven textiles in decor and textile furnishings such as rugs, baskets and other furnishings made of woven fabric. Woven textile rugs, baskets and furnishings such as these can add dimension and texture while hiding storage or simply serving as accent pieces.

As an additional tip, use nature-inspired colors. Shades such as dark brown, warm orange, sunflower yellow, rich moss green, cool gray and azure blue can help create an outdoorsy vibe in rugs, curtains and paint projects – ideal for creating the atmosphere of an outdoor adventure! Additionally, consider enlarging and framing sentimental landscape photos from your latest trip to the beach or mountains to complete this look.


Utilizing natural accents throughout your home is an excellent way to achieve a modern yet timeless aesthetic. Woven materials such as wicker or rattan furniture and decor, shades of green and organic neutral colors are hallmarks of this design style.

Wood bowls with sprays of cattails, pinecones or mossy rocks make an elegant centerpiece for your dining room table. Woven sisal rugs add texture while grasscloth wallpaper or paint alternatives bring an element of nature indoors for an understated touch.

Watercolor pieces featuring leaves, flowers or trees add a vibrant, yet subdued natural element to any room. Watercolor artwork can help promote relaxation and promote restful slumber; its use in bedrooms may even encourage this.


Nature-inspired design appeals to everyone – both maximalists and minimalists alike. Woven fabrics, rattan or wicker furniture and decor, shades of green with neutral neutrals are hallmarks of this stylish trend that appeals to everyone.

Natural materials are key to creating this look, but there are other ways you can add the ambiance of nature as well. From uniquely-shaped rocks and pine cones found during hikes to storage baskets that conceal storage solutions, there are endless opportunities for adding natural charm into any apartment.

Utilizing earthy colors such as natural greens, blues, browns, terracotta and neutrals are key elements in creating a nature-inspired space in your home. However, hot pink and neon green can clash with these earthy tones and detract from their organic feel. Use earthy tones in pillows, blankets and rugs to complete this look; animal prints also add an unexpected element.

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