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Painting for Kids – Fun and Creative Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms

Painting can help develop your children’s motor skills, thinking abilities, imaginations and expressive capacities while also helping them express deep emotional responses.

Instead of reaching for the same old paintbrushes, take a look around your kitchen for items you can use instead. A clean medicine syringe could even be used to squirt paint onto fun designs!

Colorful Walls

Children’s rooms should be fun yet functional spaces, with room decorations that reflect both of these priorities. Painting effects can create surprising sophistication if using appropriate paints; even simple techniques like flicking can result in stunning effects!

Soft pastel colors work beautifully in kids’ rooms and are easy to mix and match. When creating an eye-catching scheme, consider including one bold accent color like red for added impact.

Opt for a wall mural that features their favorite things – pets, hobbies or favourite characters for example – instead of traditional wallpaper. It will still provide some decoration but can easily be removed should their tastes change in future years.

Feature Walls

A themed wall decor can make any room seem cohesive and exciting. Paint effects offer a stylish alternative to wallpaper and are easy to achieve – simply tape off shapes, paint on their outline, then fill in with your chosen design – consider mountain ranges for rugged charm or star-spangled ceilings for space age flair!

Wall murals can add an eye-catching element to any bedroom, creating an immersive world that caters specifically to your child. Meanwhile, trailing floral designs add lots of personality to a playroom or nursery space.

Children’s bedrooms can quickly evolve as their tastes shift, so consider decor that can easily be removed as needs and preferences shift – like this Sass & Belle butterfly mirror that doubles as storage solution and can display photos or toys that will grow with them.

Patterned Walls

Pattern walls can be an enjoyable way to set the scene in any room. Plus, they’re relatively straightforward if you employ some imagination and masking tape! A line of jagged mountain tops on one wall would look lovely in a neutral color scheme, highlighted with stars or cotton-wool clouds painted onto the ceiling as an accent piece.

If you prefer something less permanent, why not stencil patterns onto one wall instead? Stencils come in all sorts of designs ranging from geometric figures, quotes and alphabets all the way through floral motifs and cityscapes – so the sky’s the limit!

Graffiti-inspired art can add the perfect edge to any child’s room, especially if hung against black or white walls to tie together their scheme.

Wall Murals

An engaging kids room idea for creating a feature wall is to paint a mural. Not only will you be adding something fun, but as their tastes evolve they can change it over time as desired – whether that’s with spaceships, solar systems or superheroes as inspiration!

Graffiti-inspired artwork can also be an ideal and fashionable activity for older kids, particularly if kept simple and black-and-white. Hanging large pieces of graffiti-inspired wall art provides an effective way to display books amongst their toys without getting lost among the chaos.

An accent ceiling adds a striking pop of color and can help brighten up a small space. Opting for Pale Lime in combination with Brighton and Slaked Lime can give any space a sophisticated appearance suitable for an older teen’s room.

Wall Stickers

No matter if it is decorating their shared bedroom with siblings or designing their dream space, kids need an outlet for self-expression. Consider investing in storage ideas that make displaying recent creations easy – like this closet door idea that doubles up as a pinboard!

Brightly painted ceilings add an inviting and fun element to any child’s room design. Glow-in-the-dark stars are an appealing option, while there are numerous fun designs for walls and stairs including woodland prints and jungle scenes.

Wall decals and stickers provide an easy solution for repainting when tastes shift. Decal stickers such as this rainbow moon wall decal or fairy and unicorn stickers make great additions for kids’ rooms; more mature options such as tree wall art designs are also available.

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