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Outdoor Furniture Trends for Small Spaces

No matter the size or shape of your outdoor space, selecting furniture that combines both form and function is key to its enjoyment. Aim for furniture that occupies minimal floor space while providing multiple functions; consider seating that takes up minimal floor area, multifunctional pieces such as daybeds that convert to daybeds and stackable chairs, as well as space-saving features like modular one-seat sections that double up as stools for maximum impact.

Warm colors, relaxed layouts and mixed designs are quickly replacing the modern minimalist aesthetic that once dominated outdoor furniture trends. Furthermore, sustainable materials such as teak wood and performance fabrics are becoming increasingly popular choices for outdoor furnishings.

Multifunctional Furniture

As house prices skyrocket, many people are forced to live in smaller spaces; but that doesn’t have to mean compromising style!

No matter if it is your balcony, patio, or backyard that you need to furnish with furniture, making the best use of space by selecting appropriate pieces is key to making sure you can enjoy life there fully. Thanks to modern design innovations, furnishings for compact homes can now include stylish yet practical pieces which add character and charm.

Choose furniture with multifunctional features to save space and money, such as folding tables with storage and stackable chairs for small decks or apartment patios. Decor elements that serve multiple functions – like mirrors that reflect light while providing statement art – could also come in handy when space and money are tight.

Chair-Table Combos

Furniture that makes your patio or balcony your cozy personal retreat can make all the difference when entertaining guests or sipping morning coffee alone. By having plenty of seating options available to you, your space for relaxation will never run out and recharge time will always remain available to you.

Opting for chair-table combos that provide additional seating options without taking up more floor space may be better. Bistro sets, such as those from Seton Home Furniture can even be stored away easily when not needed.

Add more seating to your outdoor space with an attractive and compact chair-and-table set, perfect for adding extra seating in any style of patio decor, from natural wood to sleek metal and beyond. Plus, they make great conversation pieces! To complete the look add citronella candles for an adorable finishing touch.

Stackable Chairs

If you’re in search of durable yet fashionable seating, stackable chairs may be just what you need. These models allow for flexible configuration depending on your needs and that of guests.

No matter if it’s for an outdoor barbecue or remote working session at home office, flexible seating solutions offer you the necessary adaptability. Look for plastic, wooden or metal stackable chairs with slim designs that easily fit into storage spaces for maximum functionality and storage ease.

Before embarking on outdoor furniture shopping, take care to measure your space accurately. This will help ensure that any purchases don’t outshrink their intended space – plus slim profiled furniture may look better in smaller outdoor areas!

Egg Chairs

At one time, hanging egg chairs may have seemed out of reach due to design trends and retailers; but with today’s smart offerings from online retailers such as Wayfair or Amazon offering different styles that suit any space perfectly, adding one is now much simpler!

Willow & Bee’s Wicker Chair is an Instagrammable masterpiece, boasting a sculptural frame and scooped seat. A weatherproof cushion adds comfort, while its natural frame boasts dark gray hue. Plus, its space-saving stand makes this stylish seating solution even more Instagrammable!

if you prefer something with more of an ethereal aesthetic, Eero Aarnio’s translucent ball chair might just be for you. With its spherical form allowing natural light to permeate its structure and adds an engaging dimension to outdoor decor.


Although large outdoor furniture may look great in an expansive patio space, smaller areas are likely to become overshadowed by such pieces that occupy too much of their environment. Therefore, when shopping for seating on your exterior space it’s essential that you measure its dimensions carefully and prioritize compact designs with slim profiles when searching.

Sectionals have long had a bad rep for being bulky and disproportional, but today’s styles offer plenty of slimmed-down models with sleek profiles. Wayfair finds like this L-shaped sofa and chaise combine modular one-seat sections and an L-shaped ottoman as well as an adjustable stool which can be placed either left or right side for easy placement.

Goerzen suggests taping out the footprint of your sectional on the floor prior to taking it home in order to gain an accurate idea of its size and placement in your home. Make sure there is at least three feet of breathing room between major walkways and sofa/coffee table combinations and keep 12-18 inches between sofa/coffee table connections.

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