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Modern Farmhouse Style: Tips for Incorporating This Trend Into Your Home

Add modern farmhouse elements such as wide plank flooring and exposed ceiling beams for an instant home makeover. Incorporating rustic textures like reclaimed wood pieces is also great way to give any room character.

Layering neutral paint colors like whites and soft beiges helps emphasize the modern aspect of this style, but you could also introduce light grays for contrast.

A-Frame Roof

Since Chip and Joanna Gaines first broke onto the design scene with Fixer Upper in 2013, modern farmhouse decor has seen tremendous popularity. This style combines rustic charm with contemporary sophistication by using natural textures like rattan and jute alongside fresh whites, natural browns, and muted grays for its design aesthetic.

Wall treatments can add modern farmhouse character to your home. Drywall alternatives, like shiplap, which pays tribute to country living can be painted or left bare; brick walls can also be limewashed or painted white for a more countrified design.

Simple pendants and chandeliers made from natural materials like rattan or woven cane are perfect for modern farmhouse settings, while unnatural materials like plastic or other unnatural substances clash with this design style. Instead, consider lantern-shaped fixtures or contemporary variations on wagon wheel chandeliers for optimal results.

Wide Plank Flooring

Modern farmhouses often boast wide plank hardwood flooring. Stained dark or left natural, this floor material creates a rustic and homey atmosphere in any room it inhabits. Wood-toned front doors further contribute to this aesthetic design choice; additionally a well-lit entranceway is essential in welcoming guests into your home; installing wall sconces or pendant lights with lantern-style styles may help illuminate this entryway space more effectively.

Neutral colors are essential in modern farmhouses, helping blend old and new elements seamlessly. Integrating modern metals like sleek cabinet hardware or stainless-steel appliances with rough wooden pieces like reclaimed wood tables or rustic barn boards is one way to make your home feel up-to-date yet timeless. Mixing textures is another signature trait of this style; rough materials such as wicker, sisal and stone often find their way into homes designed in this manner.

Distressed Furniture

Since HGTV duo Fixer Upper’s signature style was made famous, farmhouse decor has become all the rage. From reclaimed wood cabinets to weathered faucets, modern farmhouse elements offer plenty of rustic style elements you can incorporate into your home for that rustic vibe.

Moderating distressed furniture is key, as too much can make your home appear like a failed upcycling project. Choose pieces with natural finishes and keep distressed elements to a minimum.

Modern farmhouse is known for its neutral color palette, which helps prevent it from becoming overdone. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold accent colors through throw pillows or statement-making chandeliers – they add dimension.

Barn Boards

Reclaimed wood is an integral component of modern farmhouse design, and barn boards offer another great way to bring it into your home. Use them as accent walls, sliding interior doors, railings or railing covers for an authentic country aesthetic that adds coziness and rustic charm in any room in which they are placed.

Mixing metal finishes is another trendy design choice found in modern farmhouse design, but be wary not to overdo it as too many different metal finishes may become disorienting and create an untidy aesthetic.

Be wary of using overly distressed furniture, as this can quickly turn shabby chic. Also avoid including too many prop elements like mason jars as too many prop elements could make your space appear chaotic rather than chic.

Exposed Wood Beans

Modern farmhouse style emphasizes natural textures. Be it through vaulted ceilings that highlight function or exposed wood beams, these materials make your home more welcoming and comfortable.

Material used to frame or highlight focal pieces like chandeliers can also add the look to floors or walls through natural jute or sisal rugs.

Integrating rustic charm and modern sophistication into one design style is no easy feat, but when done well can produce stunning results. To start off, opt for light neutral colors as the basis of your color palette; use this canvas as the background upon which to layer accent shades in different hues. Mixing metals also adds contrast and interest; just be careful that their balance doesn’t look overdone!

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