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Top Trends in Kitchen Design for 2023

The kitchen is a popular choice for homeowners looking to create a beautiful and functional space. In the new year, designers are expecting to see a few major trends in kitchen design.

Among the most noticeable is a re-emerging trend in classic wood cabinetry. Combined with neutral colors, this type of material can bring a rustic touch to an otherwise contemporary styled kitchen.

Color Pops

If you want to make your kitchen stand out in 2023, try adding color pops. These can be as simple as painting a few accent walls a bold hue or using a shade that you love on smaller accent pieces like dish towels and linens.

For example, a soft baby blue can be a great way to add personality to your space. You can also opt for a deeper shade and use it in your island or cabinets.

Another color that is becoming more popular is green. It is no secret that people are looking for comfort and respite in their homes so nature inspired colors have been very popular lately.

For example, Farrow & Ball recommends “Breakfast Room Green,” a beautiful mossy green that’s perfect for a kitchen. You can pair it with brass hardware and stainless steel to create a warm and soothing atmosphere.

Contrasting Backsplashes

Backsplashes can add a decorative touch to any kitchen design, especially when paired with contrasting countertops. Mosaic tiles are an especially popular backsplash choice, allowing homeowners to incorporate different shapes and patterns into their backsplashes for a personalized look.

As the interior design world continues to converge toward a more natural look, earthy hues like mint are stepping in as a key color for 2023. These neutral shades are ideal for bringing the outdoors into the home while still remaining subtle and timeless.

For example, in this modern white kitchen, a beadboard backsplash keeps the space feeling relaxed and country chic. It also compliments the zinc countertop and cafe curtains.

Designers predict that stainless-steel counters and plain subway tile backsplashes will be less popular as homeowners opt for warmer shades and materials that contribute to a sense of warmth in their kitchens. This trend is a reflection of the kitchen’s current focus on maximizing light and making a room feel more open and inviting.

Contrasting Countertops

Contrasting countertops are a hot contemporary feature that won’t break the bank, and can be incorporated into any style. This design trend is becoming more popular as homeowners look to create functional, livable spaces that are also eye-catching and inviting.

Dark wood cabinets and light countertops can make a kitchen feel sterile, so adding a contrast countertop is an effective way to bring some visual interest into the room. A darker, tone-on-tone color can provide a stark contrast while still being subtly different from the rest of the space.

Likewise, deep veined natural stone and marble counters can add a touch of luxury to any kitchen. They’re also very hardwearing and easy to clean.

While contrasting countertops are an effective modern design element, it’s crucial to choose a material that matches your backsplash. A textured, butcher block, marble, or stone backsplash will complement the contrasting countertop’s texture and color.

Open Concept

Open concept kitchens are becoming more popular than ever – they’re a great way to bring your entire home together. They also allow for seamless movement from one space to another, and are sociable – allowing you to talk with family or friends even whilst you cook!

It’s important to consider how you plan your open concept design, as it can make or break the look of the room. A key tip is to ensure that you don’t have too many furniture pieces in the kitchen area, or else the space can look cluttered and busy.

It’s also a good idea to use different coloured walls throughout your open concept space. This will help the whole design feel more cohesive and add interest to the room.

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