Saturday, March 25

Making the Most of Your Garden Space This Summer

In only a single year, gardens have become one of the most valuable assets of a property. More people have begun searching for new homes, prioritising an outdoor space as an essential inclusion of the home. There are numerous reasons why this is the case and, excitingly, many of them are also novel. No longer are gardens simply being used as spaces for grass to grow or for bicycles to be stored. Instead, with a greater number of residents seeking a private outdoor space, they are being utilised in brilliant new ways.

As we approach the summer months, a time perfect for enacting new outdoor projects and converting gardens into our ideal spaces, many are looking for inspiration. Drawing from the most popular and interesting new designs, here is how to make the most of your garden space this summer.

Create An Eco-Friendly Space

Concerns of climate change are beginning to affect every aspect of our lives. Now, residents are reevaluating their homes and lifestyle too. A significant contribution to our individual carbon footprints is food waste, which is why people are starting to use their homes, and specifically their garden, as a way to remedy the issue.

Composting is a great way to dispose of your food waste, transforming it into healthy compost that can be used in your own garden, offered to neighbours, or even sold. It is full of vital nutrients that support topsoil health, making it a great asset for any person eager to begin growing their own food.

Create An ‘Indoor Outdoor’ Space

Outbuildings have slowly been replacing sheds, especially as more people begin working from home and seek to create a private office space that allows them to work professionally. Summer houses and private garden cabins are a convenient, low-cost option for those with garden spaces, allowing them to create an entirely new room for their home.

Their usefulness doesn’t have to be solely professional, however, and as the name summer house suggests, many use them as great venues to relax and socialise during the warmer months. They can also be fitted with luxurious extras too, making them perfect for entertainment.

Create Your Ultimate Kitchen

As culinary culture continues to sweep the UK, with cookbooks and cookery television shows becoming more popular each year, residents are turning to their gardens to take their gastronomic interests even further.

Food can be grown in even the smallest of gardens, whether it is a bag of potatoes or chilli peppers climbing across a gate. And, if you’re looking to go even further, pizza ovens, smokers, and fire pits are all exciting endeavours for amateur chefs to take on. They’ll also make your garden a summer hangout spot for friends and family too!

Create a Wild Space

Following on from growing trends of sustainability, the idea of transforming your garden into an eco-space is ever more appealing. Allowing plants to grow without interference, building homes for hedgehogs, and learning to keep bees are just a few ways that you can support the wildlife of your local area, giving them a safe home. Aside from helping the environment to thrive, you’ll be able to spend your summer enjoying the company of each little visitor.

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