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How to Decorate Your Home With Art and Photographs

When decorating with art, framed wall art may come to mind first; however, there are numerous alternative ways of displaying photos and artwork than just framing!

Washi tape makes an easy and fun craft project! Use it to attach small images directly onto the walls without fear of creating holes! Renters looking to avoid holes may also find this craft beneficial!

Choose Your Subject Matter Wisely

When selecting artwork to hang in your room, think carefully about what emotion you want it to elicit and how it will blend in with existing furniture and decorative objects. Knowing your preferred color palette and style may also prove helpful; once you have some ideas in mind, experiment by swapping out pairings or locations while always taking into account scale.

When hanging multiple pieces together, it’s essential that they all feature similar sizes so as not to overwhelm the walls or create visually awkward space. Therefore, for maximum visual impact it may be beneficial to opt for a grid or gallery wall arrangement.

Display a selection of small and large prints together as an interesting cluster for rooms with narrower walls, adding interest and creating an eye-catching focal point over your sofa, fireplace mantle, dining table or entryway bench.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Walls

Hanging multiple pieces of art or photos on one wall can feel congested and overwhelming; to create an inviting environment, leave ample space between pieces for better visibility.

As a rule of thumb for gallery walls, don’t hang more than three pieces together on an adjacent wall without direct relevance to each other. This ensures visual balance.

Art can provide great inspiration for designing the colors in a room’s palette, for instance a vibrant abstract painting can serve as the foundation of a harmonious combination of cobalt blues and fiery reds.

Unstuffy framing doesn’t have to be expensive; try this simple but effective trick instead: trace and cut out outlines of pieces you wish to hang onto kraft paper, arrange them on your wall periodically while looking back, and finally nail them in place.

Keep It Simple

With so much variety in genres, styles, and mediums to choose from when it comes to art it may be daunting trying to select just a few pieces for your home. Don’t be intimidated to mix things up and experiment with various combinations, even something you find unattractive might take on new meaning when combined with different objects or furniture pieces.

Scale should also be kept in mind when selecting artwork for your walls. Placing too small a piece on an expansive space may overwhelm its visual aesthetic; to avoid this pitfall, choose large-scale works or arrange a grid layout of smaller works to achieve visual balance and ensure the best visual experience.

Create a Theme

Art is an invaluable way to add personality and meaning to a room, creating an overall theme across rooms or even the entire home.

An effective theme to consider for a room or area should revolve around its subject matter or style of furniture pieces, and help provide guidance when purchasing additional pieces. Creating a theme helps keep a space cohesive and balanced while making selecting additional items easier.

Choose artworks with similar hues as another way to help make it fit better with the room’s decor. This could include any accent colors or main hues derived from which the piece draws its inspiration – this will help ensure it blends in seamlessly.

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