Saturday, June 3

Make Kitchen Layout Work For You

Many people dream of a nice home with a large open kitchen. For some, the kitchen is their sanctuary away from the chaos of the home. For others, a large kitchen is essential for family gatherings and prepare food for when they arrive. Modern examples online abound of homes with large kitchens, often including stainless steel appliances, quartz counters, and even floating wooden shelves.

The layout of the kitchen, however, is not set in stone. For families who love to entertain, there is much more space available to them when planning the layout of the room. In particular, the three main areas of the kitchen – the work triangle, the food preparation area, and the waste area – must be carefully planned out before construction begins. Otherwise, the end result may not meet your needs.

First, the work triangle should be thought of as three separate areas: the countertop, the island, and the cabinet. With the center of the countertop located near the oven, the islands are used for food preparation and left free for decorative purposes. The cabinet is used for storage and will usually include a few drawers, a top, and bottom. The design of the cabinets should match those of the island so that they work together. If these elements are not coordinated, you may find that your kitchen layout work triangle does not fit where you would like it to.

The second area to consider is the kitchen itself. How are your cabinets set up? Are they built using lean-to or drop-in cabinetry? L-shaped or U-shaped? These choices can influence the amount of cabinet space available. The width of the cabinets and the width of the countertop all affect how much food preparation space is available, as well.

How is your kitchen laid out? The arrangement of appliances and sink is another important factor in kitchen layout. Many kitchens have a dishwasher on the upper level with a sink positioned below. Other kitchens have the sink above and the refrigerator or freezer below.

Does this seem like there’s not enough storage space? You’ll want to ensure that you don’t sacrifice too much countertop space or too much cabinet space. This means you need to look at the design elements of your kitchen and adjust them accordingly. When in doubt, hire a professional. They can help you realize your dream kitchen layout work of art.

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