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Best Home Fragrance

Whether you are looking for the perfect home fragrance for the holidays, or you just want to smell great all the time, you have come to the right place. You will find some of the best scents to get you in the mood to celebrate, including a great collection of essential oils, aromatherapy, and natural candles.


Founded in 1961, Diptyque is a luxury perfumery based in Paris. This fragrance brand produces a variety of scented candles, diffusers, and other home fragrance products. Diptyque is known for creating unique blends of woods, spices, and florals. The fragrances are powerful, yet delicate.

Diptyque candles combine intriguing fragrances with illustrative packaging. Diptyque candles are made from premium paraffin waxes. Diptyque candles are available in a variety of different fragrances, including milky fig, wood, and patchouli. The candles are packaged in a unique round glass container with a faceted oval vessel.

Diptyque diffusers are made with natural reed sticks in curved glass bottles. The diffusers feature a bright Mediterranean fragrance, and are made to diffuse the right amount of perfume.

Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender

Whether you want to spritz your space with a calming scent or simply toss a few sachets around your house, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day has a scent for you. In addition to cleaning products, they also have fragranced body washes and HE-compatible laundry detergents. You can find their Lavender scent in a variety of other products as well.

For example, they’ve got a scented wood bead diffuser that sends out lovely scents and can last up to 45 days. They also have a candle that is made from plant derived materials, has a non-metal lead-free wick and has a 25-hour burn time.

They also have a scented, eco-friendly non-aerosol spray that leaves your home smelling fresh. They’re safe on most fabric types, but you should not spray on finished wood surfaces.

Mrs. Meyer’s Christmassy

Using a Christmassy home fragrance will help your home smell festive and inviting. The best ones have a combination of woody and floral notes. You can also purchase air fresheners and candles to bring holiday scents throughout your home.

The best Christmassy home fragrance is one that will last for several hours. If you are using candles, make sure to put them out of reach of children. A good rule of thumb is to place them in the hallway and the living room.

One of the most common and popular holiday fragrances is peppermint. If you are looking for something a little different, you should try the Christmas tree scent. The scent is a combination of cedar, Iowa pine and cloves.


Whether you are into reed diffusers, candles, or other home fragrance products, you have come to the right place. This company is growing and offers products that suit every room in your home. You can’t go wrong with one of their best sellers. For instance, their reed diffusers come in a variety of scents, including floral, fresh lemon, eucalyptus, and even mint. It’s also worth noting that their reeds are made from black bamboo, so they won’t discolor or stain your walls.

Cocod’or also offers a variety of other products, including candles, accessories, and bakers twine. The company’s motto is “let’s go personal,” and their products are no different.

Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

Using a Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser is a great way to control the aromas of your home. You can control how long the fragrance will last and adjust the intensity. You can also switch between two different scents. This allows you to avoid scent fatigue and to mix and match your favorites.

The Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser plugs into a standard outlet. It comes with two vials of fragrance. One of the vials features the scent Grapefruit, which has notes of watery green nuances and pink pomelo grapefruit. The other has notes of white florals and coriander blossom.

The Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser has a battery that lasts for 700 hours. The device can also be set to an “away mode” that automatically shuts off when you leave the house.


Designed with style and functionality in mind, Vitruvi is a home fragrance brand that is worth considering. The company offers diffusers, room sprays, and essential oils. The brand was created by two siblings in Vancouver, Canada who aimed to create natural scents for the home.

Vitruvi’s Stone Essential Oil Diffuser has a sleek ceramic build with an attractive aesthetic. The unit features a four-hour and eight-hour running time, and a unique ambient lighting mode. It also has a nifty LED light for a touch of nighttime glow.

Vitruvi also offers the Stay Diffuser, which is a larger, more powerful unit. It is battery powered, and comes with a charging pad. It is also portable, so you can take it from room to room. The unit also has a three-timer system, which allows you to control your scents’ duration.

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